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Rules Englisch

Rules english 1.) Illegal content in galleries and forums: Basically prohibited content is: - all portrayals of persons who are not yet of legal age according to German law (18 years) - all representation of sexual acts on or with animals - all representation of incestuous acts - all representation of humiliating acts, deepthroat, facial insemination, bondage - Any representation of rape, sexual abuse or other sexual crimes against people - all portrayals and links of the glorification of violence, right-wing radicalism and racial hatred - all portrayals of fakes, for which it is not certain whether the 18th year is completed at the time of creation! - Posting links or lists of links that contain illegal content - Posting links with content for people over the age of 18 - Passes, spoofs or other content that makes it possible to illegally gain access to paid sites - the posting of copyright-protected content - File sharing of all kinds - publishing cracks or serials! If a moderator / administrator finds a post with illegal content, it will be deleted immediately. If a normal user notices illegal content, we ask him to inform a mod. Or admin immediately so that the post can be removed. To prevent this, all links to other forums, regardless of the language, are to be sent to the mods! They then check in detail for illegal content and decide on approval! Users who post illegal content must expect their account to be blocked and their data to be passed on to the criminally responsible authorities. The images (FSK16 and FSK18) should primarily be characterized by their fake quality and not by their "porn factor". Users who violate the rules are warned first and deleted and banned when they violate the rules again. IMPORTANT When uploading fakes in the FSK18 and FSK16 galleries, please note that please only upload all hardcore fakes in FSK18. As FSK18, all fakes are considered in which the legs are opened by 90 degrees and so the genitals can be fully seen. FSK16 are all softcore representations! --------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------‐----------------- ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --- 2.) Minimum size for the galleries: - The minimum size for uploading fakes to the galleries is 500 x 500 pixels and 50kb. - The minimum size of the other images that can be uploaded is 400 x 400 pixels and 25 kb. - Fakes FSK16 minimum size 500 x 800 pixels and 100kb. - Fakes FSK18 minimum size 500 x 1000 pixels and 100kb. --------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------‐----------------- ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --- 3.) Fakes and pictures in forums: - Pictures of stars that are posted in the forums may be posted using a preview image [selection can be pre-selected in the freehosters (e.g.] with up to 250 x 250 pixels! -------------------- IMPORTANT: This only applies to FAKES and BODYSHOTS In order to save space on the server, the newly posted fakes in the forum should only be posted with "Link only" from and or other external hosts! HTML code and BB code do not work !! - Fakes and body shots may only be posted as links to the freehosters used without a preview image! Since we have a tag search, please write the star names correctly, this makes it easier to search for the fakes in the galleries and forums! Nothing useless before or after, no half names and no abbreviations please! The background is that if you enter a star name in the image search, so far only a small part of the actual fakes have been found that are actually in the gallery. So please write the names completely from the first and last name & the first letters in capitalized! The description field is used for further description (size, resolution, levels used, etc.)! Fakes that are not properly labeled in the title line will be deleted! It is also in your interest to keep the galleries at a high level so that the image search works optimally! -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------‐‐----- -----------------------‐-------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --- 4.) Gallery FSK18 activation Every newbie has to post at least 10 contributions in the different threads + upload 5 star takes in the gallery FSK16 before you can request the activation of the FSK18 gallery. But if you introduce yourself briefly in the welcome forum, you can already after 5 contributions + 5 kes in the gallery FSK16 posts inquiries for the activation of the FSK18 gallery. When doing the uploads, make sure that no duplicate or already existing fakes are uploaded. In the case of net finds from other sites, please ensure that the links on the website where you "found" the fake are partially built-in, to remove, crop, blur or similar! To do this, you enter the name of the star in the image search and can use the fakes there to check what has already been uploaded! --------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------‐----------------- ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- - 5.) Forum etiquette No "spam posting" in the threads! Please think carefully about what you want to write. Anyone who posts spam will be warned and the posts will be deleted without comment! Users, especially newbies, who are obviously only interested in denigrating the board, dragging it in the dirt or intentionally provoking conflicts, will be banned from the fake world immediately without prior warning and the posts deleted or closed !!! This also applies to the gallery! Please show consideration for the other users! Anyone who insults or wrongly accuses other users will be warned once and removed from this board with the second insult! Please do not include sexist, racist or insulting statements! I ask users who feel offended to secure the posting with a snapshot (photographing the screen content) as evidence and send it to me by PM. Please do not write double postings! You can revise your contributions at any time! Should it happen in the heat of the moment, you can remove the last posting by "deleting" it at the top right. To edit your postings again, click on "Edit" at the top right of each of your postings. This gives you the opportunity to complete or correct your postings. If double postings occur repeatedly, this will result in a warning and the posts will be deleted! --------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------‐----------------- ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --- 6.) Inquiries Please make inquiries or requests friendly, then we will be friendly too. A text from a newbie could be written like this: "Hello, I am looking for HS, BS or certain fake combinations. Please can you send me a package? Packed in RAR or ZIP I would be very happy. " Posts like: "Hey you, can you give me some pictures ..." are ignored and can be deleted without comment! --------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------‐----------------- ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --- The administrators and moderators of FakeWelt have the right to delete, edit, move or close topics and posts without further information! Disclaimer: assumes no liability for the content and links published here. The author assumes full liability for all contributions written and published here. --------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------‐----------------- ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --- As of May 2021


If you can't write German very well or not at all, then work with a translation program. For example with google translate, only if you dare to stay active, the forum will stay alive.